What our families say about Seeds of Faith.


“We both went to Christ-centered schools growing up and wanted the same for our daughters Maddie and Nora. Seeds of Faith is the exact early learning environment we were looking for. The teachers are beyond kind, developing individual, personal relationships with our girls that allow them to provide a personalized education for Maddie and Nora. It has been an absolute joy watching our shy girls both learn and come out of their shells. Our family has been incredibly blessed by Seeds of Faith. We would recommend this program to anyone!”

~Brad and Suzy Niebling

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Feels like family

“What an amazing blessing Seeds of Faith has been for my daughter, Penelope, and our whole entire family. I feel such peace knowing that she is in the best hands possible to support her emotional, academic and social growth. We can only hope that other families come across the same amount of love and compassion we have felt about our preschool experience. Seeds of Faith has become part of our family!”

~Christina Rostermundt

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“Quinn is our first child and had never been in an environment like Seeds of Faith, so at first, we were a little nervous having her away from us…but that feeling quickly subsided. The sense of community is strong, and not only does Quinn love going to preschool, but it’s clear she’s learning and developing so much. Almost immediately we noticed Quinn becoming more independent and social outside the classroom and she continues to grow every week. We’re thankful we chose Seeds of Faith for our family!”

~Dan and Danielle Whitney



“This is truly a special, special place. You feel it the moment you meet Heidi for the tour...or run into someone who can't stop talking about their Seeds of Faith experience...or watch your little one light up in the drop-off line because she just can't wait to leap out of the car and see her friends and learn something new for the day. We feel so blessed to have found Seeds of Faith.”

~Eric and Abbey Henderson