Kifula Lutheran Parish, Ugweno, Tanzania

Faith Lutheran Church is blessed to have a companion congregation, Kifula Lutheran Parish, in Ugweno, Tanzania. Kifula Lutheran Parish and Faith Lutheran Church have entered into a relationship of shared ministry of imani moja—one faith. We have shared our life and culture with Kifula through correspondence, pictures, and visits.



 IMG 20150201 170556 Our Kifula Lutheran Parish received the banner that Faith created at Vacation Bible School in 2014.  



Email update received on January 20, 2015, from Tanzania.

“We can’t call it a sign in actual fact.

Janeth has introduced a new idea (I don’t know if it is correct to say so) but she is trying to see that every member and group participates to make our church attractive. January is a month for Youths to do anything they feel to do for their church. February will be the month for women. March will be the month for the Men’s group. March will be the month for Sunday School kids lead by their teachers. April will be a month for individuals who are working or staying outside their home place but they are members of Kifula to do what they feel their hearts wish to do for their Church.

So this idea was started last year and so many improvements have happened.
Like this one as you saw in the pictures. One individual put paving blocks around the church. Another member wrote words just to decorate and show that our church is under KKKT (ELCT) Evangelical Lutheran church of Tanzania in Kiswahili.

The Women group chose to build a Pastors house I shall send you a picture of the women when they are on site one day.

Greetings all for us and God bless you all”

Janeth and Anderson

Anderson and Janeth 2 IMG 20141123 WA0004 IMG 20140703 WA0006




2014 - Bible Donated to Confirmation Students

Recently the Kifula Bible fundraiser sent 50 bibles to young conformation students in Kifula. Due to your generous support, enough funds were collected to send bibles on multiple occasions. See the photo below to see the impact you have made in the youth of Kifula. Thank you very much for all of the support and help with my conformation project. Lucas Waage

Bibles to Kifula



2010 Kifula Lutheran Parish Youth Confirmed

These are some of the youth of Kifula Lutheran Parish who were confirmed in December 2010. They are holding the Bibles which were given to them by Faith Lutheran Church.

Confirmation youth


Below is Pastor Tendwa and some of the youth during the confirmation service in December 2010, at Kifula Lutheran Parish. Sixty youth were confirmed, and all received new Bibles from Faith Lutheran Church.

Pastor and youth 


Janeth Graduates from Usangi Bible College

scan0015This is the ceremony where Janeth Mockray received her Evangelist Certificate from Usangi Bible College.  Usangi is about 7 miles from Kifula.  Janeth had been working as Parish Worker at Kifula, but now she is a full Evangelist.  Because they don't have a Parish Worker at Kifula now, Janeth will perform the duties of Parish Worker and Evangelist.  The young boy in the picture is Anderson and Janeth's youngest child.  His name is Israel, and he is 14 and in grade 6 this year. 

Anderson is now stationed at Dar es Salaam and is busy with his plumbing work.  It is a six hour bus ride to Kifula from Dar es Salaam. 


2008 Mission Trip to Kifula

Pastor Dave and Linda Nerdig, Jonathan Nerdig and Mike Gaul traveled to Tanzania in 2008. Their primary mission was to research cost-effective Internet communications between Kifula and Faith, finalize plans to dig wells, tour the office building and assess other building needs and open a bank account to allow reliable transfer of funds. The team also traveled to Kifula satellite churches to meet with as many people as possible to share the Gospel and bring back home the wonderful Tanzanian perspectives of faith.

2006 Kifula Visit to Faith Lutheran

Pastor and Mrs. Miraro and Anderson and Janeth Mockray from Kifula Lutheran Parish in Ugweno, Tanzania, visited Faith Lutheran Church for three weeks in July of 2006. This gallery contains photos·from that visit·. Kifula Lutheran Parish and Faith Lutheran Church have entered into a relationship of shared ministry of imani·moha—one faith. We have shared our life and culture with Kifula through correspondence, pictures, and visits.