Off the Map

mapFriday, April 28, 2017

Luke 24:13-35

This week the disciples encounter the risen Christ in a village called Emmaus. In truth, Jesus showed up on the way there---but it is not until they have arrived that the disciples recognize him.

The location of Emmaus is unknown. There are a few possible locations, but no one knows for sure where this place actually was.

Maybe that's on purpose.

The disciples could not recognize Jesus walking right along side of them because their hope had failed, and therefore, their imaginations had as well. The only place they expected to encounter Jesus was the tomb. And when they did not find him there, in their disappointment, they had trouble seeing him anywhere else.

Perhaps the true location of Emmaus is intentionally obscured by the author of Luke. We are left searching, wondering, exploring the possibilities. We can't pinpoint on a map those places we'll encounter the new life of the resurrection. We can't plan for or predict those moments.

Jesus could show up anywhere, any time.

Even when our expectations have been disappointed.
Even when all hope seems lost.
Even when our vision has failed us.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, right there in our midst is new life!

Pastor Sarah