Christians are Losers

loserFriday, April 14, 2016

Matthew 26:47-28:10

You read that right.
Christians are losers.

Just look at who we worship—
A God who willingly loses immortality to become mortal.
A God who freely loses power to become weak.
A God who voluntarily loses glory to take on the embarrassment of the cross.

Christians are losers.

Just look at who we follow—
A Jesus who shows us how to lose every earthly possession and comfort.
A Jesus who loses his family, his friends, his followers.
A Jesus who loses his life.

Christians are losers, and how could we be anything else?

For we are called to lose ourselves, our lives, each and every thing that might hold us back from following Jesus.

We see in the scriptures the challenge of losing, the struggle of it, the myriad of ways we can fall short of it, and ultimately the inevitability of it. But we are also shown the great gift in it.

This Resurrection Sunday, we hear again the promise that when everything appears to be lost, that is the moment when new life will emerge.

Christians are losers.
And we need to embrace that, if we are to be faithful and not afraid.

Pastor Sarah