Get Your Hands Dirty

dirty hands dirty hands FPIJ8z clipartFriday, March 24, 2017

John 9:1-41

Ever notice that when Jesus acts he tends to create a great, big mess?

The first time he visits the temple in John he overturns tables, scatters farm animals, and sends money changers running for cover.

When he opens the tomb for Lazarus it causes a tremendous stink.

Then Mary, Lazarus' grateful sister, interrupts a dinner party with an unappetizing muddle of perfume, tears, and hair.

It's all shock and confusion at the last supper, when the teacher gets down on his knees with a basin of water and towel to wash his disciples filthy feet.

Even when he feeds people (what could be controversial about that?) it turns into a knock down, drag out melee of words.

And here in chapter 9 Jesus starts the healing with spit and dirt, a sign of the huge mess that he's about to make.

There's a saying in community organizing: all organizing is first disorganizing and then reorganizing.

Jesus is making a mess so that something new can emerge. It is not possible to hold on to the way things are, the same old thinking, the nice, neat order--and have new life.

Things have to break.
Noise must be made.
The routine--and more than a few people--will be upset.

Jesus invites us into the glorious mess he's making. With every sign he's welcoming us to join in:

Come on, time to get your hands dirty.

Pastor Sarah